Case Studies

Water Recovery

Adelaide Airport Storm Water Harvesting and Re-use Scheme

This project was completed for SA Water to increase storm water reuse for irrigation and other non-potable purposes as required.

The storm water is harvested from Brownhill Creek, filtered via media filtration and biofiltration, injected into the T2 aquifer for storage before being extracted for use. The system will be capable of capturing, treating and supplying up to 270 megalitres (ML) of water per annum.

APC Integration has recently completed the design of the Adelaide Airport storm water harvesting and re-use scheme. The ECI phase leads the design process to the final concept stage, ensures an easily buildable design, monitors the effects of design changes, provides an open book estimate as the design progresses and provides a robust construction cost. Through the ECI phase APC Integration detailed the control system, input and output requirements, HMI/SCADA interface and various other components of the design.

APCI involvement in the design of the Adelaide Airport ASR scheme has further shown our expertise in water projects. Our competitive edge and leading design has helped secure this project for the company.