APC Integration Appointed to SA Water Automation Panel

Since implementing a new company structure and new directors in 2009 APC Integration has become highly competitive in the SA Waterwater industry. Water is of great importance, and the passion we have for this type of work and the opportunities presented are clearly shown through the attitudes of the APCI team.  

Anthony Dally (Managing Director) headed the application for the SA Water Automation Panel, and received continuous support from APCI staff. APCI engineers have become highly familiar, and confident in implementing SA Water standards. This along with the experience, prompt service and excellent workmanship, secured APC Integration a place on the SA Water Automation Panel.

The SA Water Automation Panel will provide many opportunities for work, and in turn increase the business’s reputation within the water industry. We are proud to see the hard work of staff has paid off, in particular, those who were involved of the application process.