PACE Zenith Award Double Finalist!

APC Integration has been recognised as one of six finalists at the 2013 Process and Control Engineering (PACE) Zenith Awards for their work on the Common Pump Station Design project.  

The PACE Zenith Awards bring together some of the biggest names in Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation to celebrate the achievements of the people and companies who have shown innovation and superior performance during the year.

Nominated in both the Transport, Power & Infrastructure and Water & Wastewater categories APCI is honoured by this nomination.  

ZenithThe Common Pump Station Design project began when six local councils in the South East of the State agreed to conduct a pilot study to assess the benefit of an across-Council's joint service arrangement.

There existed different switchgear and ways of operation between the various council wastewater systems and there was an obvious need to improve compliance and upgrade emergency communications systems. 

APC Integration was commissioned to create a common design and standard for all community wastewater management systems across the respective council regions.

Common hardware would result in bulk purchasing discounts, reduced spares, simplified maintenance and reduced training for staff.

A unique aspect of this project was designing a system that could be used by six different councils with shared resources while controlling how much of the data can be shared between councils.

Michael LeVene, APCI’s business development executive, explains that “this was a tricky political situation, and the solution was to avoid storing data at any of the council depots and instead use a 'cloud' based design”.

Once fully implemented, this pilot project is likely to provide a strong impetus for promotion of the model to other regions across the state, as well as potentially to other regions across Australia..

You can read more about this project in the February issue of PACE Today.