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Oil & Gas

Energy & Carbon Monitoring in the Oil & Gas Industry

The term "carbon monitoring" in the Oil & Gas industry is more encompassing than most would expect. To put this in perspective, it is necessary to truly identify what the issues and goals are. Normally the key goals are to increase process a efficiency and reduce energy usage and hence the carbon emissions; but how is this done?

The key to our solution is the use of the world leading Amulet software by C3 Global. Amulet has been designed to operate in the oil & gas industry's data intense environment. Amulet provides a consolidated view of asset performance data. It provides 'One version of the truth' which enables production and process engineers, chemists, corrosion specialists, technicians and managers make decisions with confidence, enabling them to focus on where a difference made will result in the biggest gain.

Amulet has interfaces to control system historians, SCADA packages, financial and planning packages, laboratory systems, corrosion devices, sand devices, data loggers, other databases, spreadsheets - indeed any data source you use can act as an input or output source for Amulet.

Amulet has standard web, excel wizard and dataform interfaces to further simplify the process of importing disparate data. This connectivity means that your data no longer lives in disparate silos and ensures that all data is viewed and analysed in context.


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