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Energy & Carbon Monitoring in the Water Industry

The term "carbon monitoring" in the water industry far more encompassing than most would expect. To put this in perspective, it is necessary to truly identify what the issues and goals are. Normally the key goals are to increase process efficiency and reduce energy and hence the carbon emissions; but how is this done?

The most common issue faced by Water Utilities is the measuring and displaying of all data in a form than key managers & engineers in the Business can act on. The main issue faced by Managers and engineers today is data overload. Gigabytes of data are available to us all every day. This data is useless unless it can put into context and effective use.

APC Integration using the world leading Amulet software puts a human face on data. We analyse and transform it in ways that make it valuable to you and your business. We are all too familiar with the problems associated with data. Thousands of uncontrolled spreadsheets, millions of data records buried in databases; no one is ever quite sure what the true picture is. Amulet is design to present you with one consistent and verifiable version of the truth, a vision of the business that everyone can share and act upon.

The Amulet solution doesn't replace any business software or systems. It sits on top of them and gathers data from many different systems. The sort of data collected is:

  • Energy Use
  • Throughput
  • Consumables costs
  • Planned maintenance coats
  • Unplanned maintenance costs

Example of some of the resulting information:

  • Carbon footprint - per site or company as a whole
  • Pump efficiency
  • Unusual activity
  • Out of range alarms
  • and many more


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