Consist Management

APC Integration provides automatic identification based systems that streamline tracking of vehicles, in- progress stock and consignments. This technology allows freight operators, bulk handlers and logistics companies to operate more effectively and provide transparency and confidence to their customers.

Examples of typical benefits are:

  • Truck and train build (consist) verification and manifest creation.
  • Up to date consignment (including bulk) tracking by type, grade, origin and mass.
  • Product cross-contamination prevention by confirming commodity grade and origin before loading / offloading.
  • Truck, trailer and rolling stock asset tracking and management.
  • Empty, full and overloaded trailers and wagon recording and real time notification by email or SMS message.
  • Delivery verification, preparation of invoicing information and integration with financial and management information systems.
  • Track product from field (paddock, orchard or mine) to ship.

APC Integration have combined new technologies to realise these benefits cost effectively - .
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, NextG/GPRS, radio telemetry, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Nordic ID handheld computers (Windows Mobile, CE) and fast, open software development tools, Microsoft .Net and SQL

With over two decades of industrial experience we build systems that are robust and suitable for AEI Tag readermission critical applications. The following principles are always applied:

  1. Data is always collected as closely to its source (place and time) as possible,
  2. Human reliance is minimised and
  3. Data is always verified, in real time, as it is collected

Specific Logistics Tracking Applications are built from a suite of software modules that provide you with a system precisely tailored to your business needs.


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