Production and Labelling Management System

Reduce Labelling Costs!

The ePak system automates product labelling and provides easy management of production data.

Key Features

  • Eliminate manual labelling - no manual stamping or writing is required.
  • Simple and quick to use - no time consuming tasks required, no need for any manual complicated labelling.
  • User configurable - Up to 20 user defined items (data fields) can be added, edited, deleted as required. Supports dynamic fields that can be Numeric, Text or Look-up lists. Your labels can be made to look however you want, with whatever data is required.
  • Allows production of professional quality labels, for cartons/trays/etc.
  • Provides traceability from the unique Carton/Package ID / barcode back to the product details that were packed.
  • ePak's Report Wizard allows for easy creation of powerful reports based on any of the data fields, even user defined fields.
  • Any number of label templates can be defined - using 3rd party graphic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface.
  • Built in support for EAN128/SSCC barcodes and Pre-defined fields (such as Packed Date and Use-By Date) that can be used on the label templates and are automatically calculated by the system.
  • Import capability for quick setup. Installation CD and User Manual included.
  • Historical Data stored in a Microsoft SQL2005 database for quick and reliable retrieval.

Packing Point Manager

Users enter here what product is being packed at each packing point. ePak takes this information together with the label template selected to automatically build the required label.

Packing Point Manager

System Description

The ePak system can be configured for either of 2 main setups:

  1. Single Product:
    The current product details being packed are selected from the screen and the selected label is continually printed (whenever a label is taken another is automatically printed).
  2. Mixed Products:
    The current product details being packed at each possible Packing Point (any distinct location where a product is produced and packed) are entered on the setup screen.
    At each Packing Point a simple identifying barcode is attached to each item as packed. As the item approaches the labelling point the barcode is automatically scanned and the system then builds the required label using the selected Label template and sends the label to the printer.

Multiple labelling locations (production lines) are supported. The ePak database can be located on any PC on the network. Labels can be printed on a simple stand-alone printer or they can be sent to a sophisticated Print & Apply system to provide a completely automated label system.

User Defined Field Configuration

Define the fields that can then be selected for including on a label. These fields can be called whatever is desired.

Field Configuration

Label Design

The ePak system is designed to work with any 3rd party label design software that can 'print to file' to produce a ZPL file. The example below is from BarOne Lite which is shipped free with Zebra printers. Other purchased label design software, such as Zebra's new ZebraDesigner can also be used.
When processing the label template the system software automatically looks for and replaces any fields enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [VARIETY], and replaces these dynamically with the current data for the product being labelled.

Users are able to design labels of any size, layout and data fields that are required. Different label designs can be saved and used for different packing points.

Sample LabelLabel Design

User Configured Reports

The ePak report wizard allows creation of an unlimited number of user configurable reports.

Report WizardSample Report 

For more information contact Norman Rhodes on +61 8 8366 2300