Ferthblend Software

Fertblend is a product blending and outloading control system, developed by APCI over the last 8 years.

As a modular system, Fertblend can accurately blend a combination of base and elemental products including adding products like fungicide. The "quickblend" recipe feature can be used to speed up blend selection, including blend confirmation before each load can commence.

Controlled via an operator interface touchscreen, Fertblend can be configured for use with a PC based or proprietary touchscreen. Fertblend can also interface with other factory data systems e.g. SCADA or manufacturing execution systems like S.A.P.

Accommodating a wide range of plant flow rates, it can also automatically reduce the overall the plant flow rate to match the maximum flow rate of a blended product. Fertblend can weigh the blended product direct from the hoppers without a weighbridge to an accuracy of 0.5% (typical accuracy with extended commissioning).

With automatic recovery from hopper low level conditions and operator initiated load out pauses without the need to restart the run, Fertblend can handle up to 10 products per base and elemental (auger type) hopper. This eliminates the need to have separate hoppers for each base product.

Fertblend can be applied to conveyor style hoppers but gives superior performance with rotary valve hoppers (weighing is only available with rotary valve hoppers). It can accommodate various configurations of plant equipment including conveyors, elevators, augers and pumps.

Fertblend has a comprehensive plant alarm annunciation and history screen.

Fertblend can be optioned with the following features to suit customers' requirements:

  • Conveyor under speed detection and recovery.
  • Elevator slippage or under speed detection and recovery.
  • Blocked valve detection.
  • Multiple truck load outweigh set-points including driver signalling via beacons.
  • Radio control for hopper screen vibrator start and system pausing.
  • Motor isolator feedback.

Fertblend as a control system, complies with all requirements of AS 4024 - 2006 Safety of Machinery. A control system risk assessment and operation manual is supplied.
Supported by the APCI service department, we can provide pre-season calibration, preventative maintenance and breakdown maintenance services.


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