Mobile Workforce Management

Mobile Workforce Manager is a powerful web based system using hand-held computers and wireless communications to improve quality of service provided and traceability of work performed at remote sites. Mobile Workforce Manager streamlines:Nordic ID PL3000

  • Task scheduling and allocation - tasks are scheduled by operations personnel and sent to hand-held computers allocated to supervisors and/or mobile workers, using wireless LAN or 3G / NextG.
  • Quality of Service assurance - supervisors record quality of service related information on hand-held computers
  • Work execution process (option) - "soft" worksheets are completed by mobile workers using hand-held computers
  • Site, asset or equipment verification (option) - RFID tags or barcodes are read by hand-held computers to verify equipment worked on and/or location of work performed
  • Reporting - reports are generated quickly and accurately using powerful report generation software
  • Audit trail - An accurate and readily accessible audit trail is established

Many applications exist across a broad spectrum of industries. Some examples are:Mobile Workforce Manager

  • High value / high risk operations verification - e.g. engineering operations, medical patient support
  • Scheduled and breakdown maintenance of high value equipment
  • Cleaning and servicing in the hospitality industry
  • Cleaning and quality assurance where strict hygiene requirements are applicable and HACCP accreditation is advised or required e.g. food processing facilities and equipment, medical facilities and equipment
  • Asset management using RFID tags or barcodes
  • Verification of product deliveries using electronic signatures for proof of receipt

APC Integration is experienced in designing and implementing mobile workforce management solutions. Each requirement is different. The ability to understand what the customer would like to achieve, and to propose and implement solutions together with the customer is fundamental to the APC Integration approach.


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