Case Study – Train Safety & Driver Management System

Driver Management & Safety System Integration

Rails systems are far more complex today with computer systems on board to ensure that the driver operates the train at high efficiency.  There are also signaling safety systems that inform the driver of when to stop the train and wait for other rail traffic.  These signalling and safety systems are highly regulated and undergo a high level of certification before being deployed to the field.

A large rail operator required the interfacing of train safety management system with driver management system onto the same interface screen.  The applications were designed to run on standalone machines and were not designed to work with other applications running.  Further the signaling is a safety critical system and could not be modified without a significant cost of re-certificating the entire system.

Since the risks were high a number of software companies were not willing to take on the complexity of getting two disparate system to run on a single computer. APCI were willing to take on this challenging task having previously worked with safety critical systems.

We were able to examine how the systems operated and designed a way to adapt the two disparate systems to operate on the same hardware and screen without interfering with each other or requiring re-certification of the critical safety systems.

The driver signaling system takes priority and full screen when critical messages need to be shown to the driver while at other times the driver management system is shown.  Since there are no software changes to the signaling and safety systems no testing and re-certification were required.

APCI has many years of experience in custom software solutions with unique but critical systems.

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