Case Study – Water & IoT

WWaaS – Waste Water as a Service

Waste Water as a Service originally known as the SELGA project was commissioned in 2013.  It is a made of up multiple councils in South Australia sharing the control infrastructure and management of Waste Water.

Many regional councils manage their own waste water network and have traditionally used alarm diallers or manual checking of the pump stations for faults.  The cost to put in a custom SCADA system with remote monitoring and control is too high for many smaller councils.  APCI in partnership with Telstra implemented a system that can be shared across multiple councils to keep the total operational costs low while still providing a high level of service and data security.

Further APCI created common specification and network design to ensure all pump stations and WWTP used the same protocol keeping the cost of on boarding new pump stations to a minimum.  It is also possible to connect existing pump stations designs having setup drivers to accommodate these systems.

The monitoring and control is implemented in the cloud on a server running on the edge of the private WAN.  The customers are able to remotely access their infrastructure and monitor the status from any location.

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