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The Internet of Things (IoT) is made up of networked devices connected together over the internet – from simple sensors providing level, flow, temperature or location data to smart devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s).

There are 3 main components of IoT:

  • Device – The physical device that interfaces with the world.

  • Network – How the data is transmitted from the device.

  • Platform – How the data is displayed and acted upon.

APC Integration can deliver all of the components necessary for an IoT solution.  Further, we are partners with the two leading Internet of Things networks; Telstra and Thinxtra. We can provide solutions integrating battery powered devices that can operate for up to 10 years on a single charge, to high speed communications solutions to remote but critical infrastructure.

Low Cost Connectivity

APCI is a Thinxtra System integrator allowing us to leverage the Sigfox IoT network.

Why Sigfox? Simply due to its cost effectiveness to send small messages. Many companies currently deploying connected objects are struggling with the major drawbacks of traditional network solutions: steep pricing, the high energy consumption and the complexity of deployment and maintenance.

Low Cost

Sigfox based solutions are up to 10 times cheaper than cellular ones.

Low Power

Ultra low-power connectivity, enabling devices to last upto 10 years.

Long Range

Ubiquitous population coverage, using long range base stations with up to 50 km range


Designed from the ground up with redundancy and built-in security mechanisms.

Simple & Open

Simple implementation from device to platform via open API integration.

Private WAN over 3G/4G/Next G/5G

Have a project that requires transmission of data between devices?  APCI can provide custom network solutions at the infrastructure level to connect multiple sites together via the Telstra network or even dedicated radio solutions.  The devices communicate within a secure WAN environment, minimising the chance of data breaches or hacking from the internet.

We work with industrial routers to ensure that even in remote areas your assets remain online and monitorable; avoiding the costs associated with frequently long distance inspections.  Whether it is a pump station, mine site or simple remote monitoring station, APCI can build a network that will deliver the increased asset visibility your organisation needs to make better decisions.

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