Those of us who have been around for a while will remember the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The opening ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics took place on the evening of Friday 15 September 2000 in Stadium Australia, Sydney. In the segment called Deep Sea Dreaming, Nikki Webster was hoisted up in the air by overhead wires and swam with the sea creatures. What might not be known is that APC Integration provided the system that controlled the movements of all the sea creatures and Nikki Webster. Even back 20 years ago APCI was at the forefront of servo control systems using an in-house-designed product called Stage Master. This was based on an industrial automation control system utilising PLC’s and Siemens AC Servo drives with integrated safety features to ensure it could be used in situations where failure would cause injury. This same system has gone on to be used on many of the major stage shows that have toured Australia.

A number of our staff that worked on this project are still with us today bringing this same expert knowledge to our current projects. While it is unlikely your business will require a flying fish, or for that matter a flying Nikki Webster, this knowledge can be applied to today’s complex motion control and servo systems to solve your process and production challenges.