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Custom Software for Process and Manufacturing Industries

We are not your standard software solutions company.  We write custom solutions for Process and Manufacturing industries and tie this in with our hardware and control system expertise to provide MES and ERP solutions that talk directly to your shop floor, providing automatic data collection at the point of activity.

Providing software for primary producers for more than 25 years has allowed APCI to develop software systems specifically tailored towards:

  • Citrus Growers – End to end solutions for packing sheds

  • Hay Growers – Tailor Made solutions for managing quality, batches and export of produce.

  • Fish Farms – End to end solutions for managing and monitoring the farming and packaging of fish.

  • Stock Management Systems – Keeping track of products from growing, delivery to plant, processing and dispatch.

  • Steel / Aluminium Service Centers – Stock, production and order management for Slitting, Cut to Length and Polishing Lines.

Unique Solutions for Enterprise

Our combined electrical & software expertise in areas such as real-time communications, mobile systems, relational databases, and a wide variety of platforms and tools gives us unique capabilities in creating software systems that can integrate disparate technologies into efficient and cost-effective systems; maximising the returns for our clients.

We have worked with national Australian rail operators to integrate their driver management and safety systems and with global mining equipment suppliers providing safety solutions for remotely controlled vehicles.

We are also following the evolving Industry 4.0 revolution and its impact upon the automation and data exchange technologies used within the manufacturing and process industries.  As part of following Industry 4.0 we also consider cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing when designing systems for customers.

SCADA Systems

Most medium to large control systems incorporate a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to visualise the process and provide an easy to use interface for operators. SCADA systems also provide alarming, security and logging functionality for the system.
APCI has successfully implemented SCADA systems on the following platforms:

– GE – Proficy iFix
– Siemens – WinCC
– Schneider – ClearSCADA
– Schneider – Citect
– Rockwell Automation – Factory Talk View SE & ME
– Schneider – Wonderware
– Custom written SCADA solutions
– Cloud based solutions

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